Surprise!! The @Stranger_Things theme receives a slick drum & bass remix from @Korbian1 #KyleDixon #MichaelStein

KYLE DIXON & MICHAEL STEIN, “Stranger Things” (Korbian remix) (free DL)

“Stranger Things” fans do not fear!  UK remixer Korbian has clearly taken the joy that he has for what turned out to be a favourite show for a lot of us this past summer, and channeled it into his own take on it for the dance floor.  While staying mainly reverent to the sinewy synth line that pervades the theme music, Korbian does break away into some unexpected drum and bass and dubsteppy rhythms that work quite well.  With the show set in 1983 and incorporating some great 80’s music into its soundtrack, Korbian has – knowingly or not – tapped into a lot of change that happened in music back then, particularly with influences that inspired the new wave genre of the time.  So making the “Stranger Things” theme club-worthy seems as right as when Tiësto transformed the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” theme into “He’s A Pirate” in the early 2000’s.  Download this fun remix at the link above.

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