“Devil” pushes the envelope for multi-talented @AntonEwald

ANTON, “Devil”

The sincere hard-working young singer, dancer and choreographer who won over many of us three years ago at Sweden’s Melodifestivalen with “Begging” returns simply as Anton with the 80’s-influenced R&B/ dance/pop of “Devil”.  And while the song is a few shades of naughty that we hadn’t seen yet in one of Anton’s previous songs, along with some significant Michael Jackson inspiration, the video for “Devil” (above, which includes a well-shot but brief dance segment) definitely pushes the envelope for younger fans but will intrigue older ones.  So is Anton’s character in the video the innocent thrust into a kinky world of play and lust, or is he the willing participant?  Well only his producer/director knows for sure, and that happens to be his beautiful fiancée Victoria Fajardo!  “Devil” is a risky experiment and I hope it will tease Anton’s audience enough until his next release.  

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