“Plans” by @iamtheElephante featuring @BrandynBurnette gets a sunny @InstantKarma remix

ELEPHANTE featuring BRANDYN BURNETTE, “Plans” (Instant Karma remix) (free DL)

I’m not one for often giving a second post to a song, but exceptions are always made, especially in the case of one of my favourites of 2016, Elephante’s “Plans” featuring Brandyn Burnette.  Those Instant Karma gals have put their sunny spin on the song, which accentuates the hopeful lyrics with some big, joyous drops.  So like Win & Woo and Kiso’s tropical take on Brandyn’s own “Made Of Dreams”, everyone comes out a winner with their “Plans” in Instant Karma’s world.  “Plans” is a classic example of why people should be open to remixes, whether they be for the Dance/EDM crowd or not.  A great song remains a great song here with a bit of something extra that you wouldn’t expect in the first place 🙂  Download it for free at the above link.  

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