L.A.’s @Mahalomusic transforms and enhances “In The Morning” by @ZHUmusic

ZHU, “In The Morning” (Mahalo remix)

One of the most enigmatic songs to come out of 2014 and slay everything in sight was “Faded” by ZHU, a #1 dance hit which even copped a Grammy nomination.  “In The Morning” (the first single from the acclaimed GenerationWhy album) likely stands out most because of ZHU’s strangely seductive vocal, which is captured nicely for effect in this remix by L.A.’s Mahalo.  While set to a graceful late-nite deep house rhythm, it’s a perfect song to drive off into the night to arrive for the pleasures of the morning.  Mahalo has already got a great thing happening too with collaborations with vocalist Cat Lewis such as “Be My Love” with more to come in 2017.  You can download this highly recommended remix of “In The Morning” at the link above.