“Eden” is brand new from @ThisIsPlake – “The Voice” Season 12 Top 10 contestant @HunterPlake and his brother @DakotaPlake

PLAKE, “Eden”

It looks like Louisiana’s Hunter Plake and his brother Dakota have zeroed in on what was to me Hunter’s shining moment on the most recent season of “The Voice” – his warm, unique, toned-down rendition of Sia’s “Electric Heart” – and have used it for the basis of their new much-awaited indie single, “Eden”.  Given Hunter’s other performances on “The Voice”, “Eden” is not what one might expect – gloriously romantic chilled out pop/dance!  But I’ve found the performances on the show often disguise what the performers really want to do.  And now with that as a launchpad, “Eden” should serve the brothers Plake very well as a kickstart to their own music and sound.  Club DJ’s will want to invest in this one transitioning into or out of a quieter set.  For the rest of us, a taste of “Eden” is not enough and we’ll want more very soon from the Plakes!

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