“Into The Night” is @BrightLightx2’s inspiring, romantic companion piece to “New York Pretty”


“New York Pretty” is already one of Bright Light Bright Light’s very best songs to date, complete with glorious New York City travelogue video too.  So a few weeks later, along comes its companion piece, “Into The Night”, also from BLx2’s latest EP Tales Of The City.  And it indeed is another one where NYC chews up the scenery with both familiar and remote places.  The song, like “New York Pretty”, is as contemporary disco as there is any, similar rhythmically to, say, the earlier “Disco Moment”, but in a much happier place lyrically.  And Rod Thomas and his creative partners make it abundantly clear as they add romance and affection into the mix, making it an equally grand video as “New York Pretty”.  “Into The Night” is definitely about finding yourself content in that much happier place and with someone you know to whom you can return home and find open arms waiting for you.  How can it be, you might ask, to come up with something so simple as one of the best stories of the year in a video?  Check it all out at the link above.

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