Producers @MRBNBelgium lend sparkle to jaunty “Somewhere” by @WildCubmusic

WILD CUB, “Somewhere” (MRBN remix)

Sometimes it’s best not to take the ‘quirky’ out of the mix at all for best results.  Belgium’s MRBN have managed to transform the jaunty and eccentric “Somewhere” by L.A. trio Wild Cub into a sparkling crowd-pleaser.  In its original form “Somewhere” is a playful 90’s-inspired romp – think Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  In its remix, the vocals come off sounding more raw and from the 80’s – reminiscent of say The The’s Matt Johnson or Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch.  The horns are replaced by glistening synths and the song retains its jubilant chorus.  So MRBN have kept the ‘quirky’ appeal of the original all intact while making significant changes to lend more appeal to dance music fans and clubs.  You can hear their remix of Wild Cub’s “Somewhere” at the link above.