“Under My Sheets” is about getting it right the second time from @JoeyDalemusic x @RicoandMiella

JOEY DALE x RICO & MIELLA, “Under My Sheets” (free DL)

A lot of times, when we hear a song we like in a club, we’ll get on the dance floor to break out a few moves and get close, but we don’t often listen to what the song is about.  “Under My Sheets” is a fab collab with Dutch producer Joey Dale and NYC duo Rico & Miella.  It’s a pop ballad disguised as a dance song about getting it right the second time – so the first time with getting intimate and/or sexual with someone didn’t go too well.  Or maybe it’s something happening in a solid relationship.  Nonetheless it’s important that there is always a next time when you truly love someone because as much as there is fun and intimacy in bed, there is more to that if you want a relationship to endure. And while I do appreciate the message, the vocals really pull it through and the summery melody with all that great synth work is magnetic.  “Under My Sheets” is one of those rare well-defined songs to which you can compare your own notes.  And just like that, you can get it for free too by downloading it at the link above 🙂

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