Why so serious? Lighten up with “Summer Thing” by @JoshTobiasmusic

JOSH TOBIAS, “Summer Thing”

New York-born Josh Tobias has already been making headway with his music with songs like “Beachside Lover” which garnered significant attention two years ago.  His latest alt.pop single “Summer Thing” has an interesting perspective – have a light, summer romance without making a commitment beyond that time, enjoy each other and have fun.  Whether that works for you is another thing, but it makes for an easy-going bright listen.  Josh produced “Summer Thing” himself and it’s an appropriately sparse recording with acoustic guitar and bass flowing with an R&B-flavoured rhythm creating a breezy groove.  You could easily pair it up with Phil Good’s “Sleeping In” from earlier this year, and I think some of Josh’s flair for identifying the lighter side of things might draw fans from Ed Sheeran’s camp too.  “Summer Thing” is pure pleasure to my ears, and I hope you indulge by checking it out at the link above.  Remix coming soon!!  

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