NYC-based @dearMothica is one to watch with “Self-Destructive”, also paired with dance producer ye. (@pronounced_yea)

MOTHICA, “Self-Destructive”  

ye. x MOTHICA, “Self-Destructive” (free DL)

NYC-based, Oklahoma born singer/songwriter Mothica is definitely one to watch with her stylish but affecting alt.pop which can straddle rock and electronic dance music genres.  From her recently released EP Heavy Heart is “Self-Destructive”, featuring the singer’s Lorde-meets-Melanie Martinez via Molly Moore expressive voice and a sometimes sparse instrumentation which volleys back and forth with some powerful hooks.  This lends the impression that we all have had sometimes when we do something self-destructive to ourselves either in isolation or in full drama in front of others.  The tone of the song therefore is very well-suited to remixes, of which there are plenty, but I would draw your attention to the collaboration with Syracuse producer on-the-rise who calls himself ye. (that’s pronounced ‘yea’).  Being self-destructive is taken to a playful level here which club goers will enjoy.  Opening for Toronto quartet Blajk last week, Mothica’s live show emphasizes a tight set augmented more by some striking guitar work than the synthesizers on record, which also gives a different dimension to her songs.  Check out the original above and the collaboration with ye. (available as a free download) below.