Needed all around the world today: “Love Love Love” by @CarlosdNobrega

CARLOS NÓBREGA, “Love, Love, Love”

It’s the fourth taste from Carlos’ pop album The Art Of Making Love, due on Friday August 25, and like with its predecessor singles “Set Me Free”, “You (It’s All About You)” (whose recent blog post has had over 18,000 views!), and “I Love You”, “Love, Love, Love” is a song for everyone because we’ve all experienced love of some kind in our lives.  It can be pretty contagious and it’s what’s needed most in the world today, as many other songs currently cry out for love and unity as well – but you also have to desire it.  Carlos was on to it first as these songs have been awaiting release for a while now – and the time for these songs and The Art of Making Love is, impeccably, upon us 🙂  I particularly enjoy the subtle urgency of “Love, Love, Love”, highlighted from some lovely piano notes, never going over the top and letting you embrace its message in the end.  Watch the simple elegance of the lyric video at the link above and pre-order The Art of Making Love from your favourite digital store so that you have it on release day 🙂

In tandem with The Art Of Making Love, Carlos is releasing a highly personal soundscape of sorts that will appeal to lovers of movie soundtracks and lush instrumentals.  You can preview his Almageddon project by listening to “Almageddon: #Madeira” below, and revel in the awesome scenery of the homeland of Carlos Nóbrega, a Portuguese archipelago off the coast of Morocco.

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