Get to know the melodic and reflective “Driveway” by new duo @thisisculpriit


culpriit, “Driveway”

culpriit is a new project brought to you by American singer Colin Dieden (also of The Mowglis) and British producer/songwriter Rob Ellmore.  Their debut single “Driveway” is essentially about kicking back and with nothing to do and nowhere to go on a lazy weekend, except perhaps reflecting on some good times which might just involve making out in a cool car.  Ahhh the stories of our youth… and “Driveway” is set to a carefree rhythm that goes for a killer bounce just before the 1:30 mark that reels you in, and is carried by a familiar, melodic vocal chorus.  Ready-set-go: “Driveway” will get stuck in your head for days and make you revel in the art of doing nothing.  With quality like this, we’ll be hearing more from culpriit soon.  Check out “Driveway” at the link below.