“Be Somebody” is more unique and touching encouragement from Oregon’s @CVBZmusic

CVBZ, “Be Somebody”

Throughout 2017 so far, there are few singer/songwriters who have surprised me more than Oregon’s CVBZ.  And it’s not like his music totally won me over at the first few listens.  The great thing about songs is they get stuck in your head and sometimes the rest of their intentions strike you later.  Such is the case with “Be Like You”, which in its Sean Turk remix is one of my favourites of the year so far.  Following up “Be Like You” and the bold and risky “Vicodin” is third single “Be Somebody”.  Like both songs, it’s full of earnest sentiment that comes from a place deep down where you can fill lyrics with both encouragement and well screw that attitude.  So many young people can relate to these lyrics and I hope “Be Somebody” can find its way through the maze of a today’s music scene to get to the listeners who need it the most.  Musically, its big electronic sound is the right backdrop for its lyrics, and some remixes might help follow up the success “Be Like You” has had with dance music lovers.  Check it out at the link above.

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