Watch Dublin’s @EclipseIRE give a heartwarming choral performance of @OneRepublic’s “I Lived”


It’s not something I would normally write about but the backstory and the focus of it is important.  Dublin’s Eclipse Stage School offers a heartwarming rendition of One Republic’s “I Lived”.  It’s performed choir-style – all you fans of Choir! Choir! Choir! will have an edge – and what’s particularly special is that it’s sung by teen and pre-teen girls who haven’t yet ‘lived’ in terms of the song lyrics.  But that could also be said too of the school’s creative director and choreographer Kenneth Giles, who I also wrote about a few years back when he recorded a pop song.  At age 26, Kenneth was diagnosed with skin cancer, and has now recovered – so as a teenager or at age 26, how does one characterize ‘living’?  Being so much older I could not fathom the possibility of someone so young and close to me being taken away and am thankful every day for my own kids age 24 and 17, one who just underwent her own (very successful and not cancer-related) surgery this week.  So “I Lived” takes on an extended meaning of celebrating life at no matter what age.  Head over to iTunes to purchase it and proceeds will benefit the Irish Cancer Society.

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