“Prisoner” is red, hot and new electronic soul from @BobbyNourmand featuring @MrLaurentJohn


You know that when L.A.-based producer Bobby Nourmand drops a new song that it’s going to be solid as well as unpredictable.  After flirting with some dynamic hip hop last year, this time “Prisoner” taps into a British soul vibe courtesy of a potent vocal by Laurent John.  The dark theme of the song totally suits Laurent’s urgent and gritty vocal.  Bobby never ceases to amaze with his creative deep house arrangements, carefully weaving his keyboard work while fusing it with his layered trademark futuristic synth backdrop.  Bobby was only a handful of performers to have three songs on my 2017 year end list, and “Prisoner” is destined to become another favourite.  Club DJ’s can’t miss with it, perfect for a late night set.  Add it to your playlist of gritty, soulful dance tunes using the Spotify link above.

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