“My Name” flips a Destiny’s Child smash into a dance floor rave up by @MaximSchunk, @RavenKreyn and @helloBishop


If you’re even thinking of reimagining a Destiny’s Child song like “Say My Name”, you best be on your toes and plan to make it Gigantic.  And that’s exactly what the collaboration between Germany’s Maxim Schunk, French production duo Raven & Kreyn, and the return of US singer Bishøp (most memorably from Elephante’s 2016 winner “Closer”) has brought us!  “My Name” just screams for club DJ’s to spring it at the most critical time during an evening set and watch a crowd go to town on the dance floor.  The production is incredibly rich and makes the most of the song’s 3 minute length with drops in all of the places you would want them to be and a stylish vocal by Bishøp that never intends to compete against the Destiny’s Child original but instead makes you want to hear more from her.  Cover versions and transformations don’t often work for me but “My Name” is sly, slick, and very wicked.