“Ultraviolet” by @3LAU is excellent proof that the electronic dance album is not dead

3LAU, Ultraviolet

Every once in a while an album comes along that’s impossible to resist, one that draws you in because it’s unconventional yet captures a lot of the most attractive features of contemporary electronic dance music.  Such is the case with Ultraviolet by 3LAU, aka New York bred but Las Vegas-based Justin Blau, also becoming very prominently known for his ongoing humanitarian and philanthropic work. 

Ultraviolet deliberately shies away from the mould of creating whatever a dance music song should be, setting its own parameters which culminate in an excellent set of songs that should be played from start to finish.  Only albums such as Illenium’s Awake or Tritonal’s Painting With Wings have a similar approach.  3LAU’s songs are earnest, creative, and even romantic, with a great cadre of vocalists to make them that much better.  There are a few instrumentals to bookend them, such as the opening title track and “Winter”, that recall a progressive electronic album from the 70’s or 80’s. 

My favourites are “Walk Away” (featuring Luna Aura) and “You Want More” (featuring MAX, the only male vocalist within).  “Touch” (featuring Carly Paige), “Close” (featuring Oly), “World Away” (featuring Emma Hewitt), “On My Own” (featuring the ubiquitous Nevve), and “Fire” (a collaboration with Said The Sky featuring vocalist NÉONHÈART) are all top notch too.  Dance clubs could spin any of them with promise of positive reactions. 

Do yourself a favour and pick up 3LAU’s Ultraviolet at your favourite digital store after you listen to it all at the Spotify link above.

3Lau plays Uniun on Friday March 16 in Toronto, featuring opening act Throttle.

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