California singer/songwriter @JayB1rdmusic keeps inspiring with the synth-pop of “Calling”

JAY BIRD, “Calling” (free DL)

“Calling” by California singer/songwriter Jay Bird is about finding what inspires you and following your instincts.  It could be music, as it is clearly for Jay, but for others it could be something else, including a special someone.  “Calling” is equally as uplifting as Jay’s preceding single, “Up Here”, which I wrote about not long ago.  He makes both songs personal by using his own vocal, which is not note-perfect but conveys the passion in his craft.  “Calling” is much lusher than “Up Here” with a more complex electronic arrangement and fine harmonies that fill the gaps.  “Calling” has that power of a great pop bop – to make you feel good and want to hear more.  You can celebrate your own “Calling” by giving a listen up top then downloading the song for free while you can.