Nashville’s @SpazzCardigan will make you smile with the whimsy of “Episode”


“Episode” is one of those light hearted songs that moves in storyline from watching TV with other things on your mind to distract you, to getting high watching cartoons.  And Nashville’s Spazz Cardigan has the style, voice, and diverse musical backdrop to make it all believable, entertaining and relevant, and it follows up the release of his debut album “I” last year.  With influences from Queen to *N Sync to Kanye West, “Episode” has a funky beat that will actually remind you of “The Next Episode” (without the additional effects), while Spazz’s voice takes the guy-next-door approach to goings on in the house-next-door that you might not think would happen.  But it’s all in the name of great fun and whimsy, and I think a video is in order to put it into perspective.  Listen in at the link above and be prepared to be smiling afterwords.