Promising L.A. production trio @Giiantsmusic offers second pop gem “Looking Up”

GIIANTS, “Looking Up”

It’s nothing but clear blue skies or bright shiny stars when you find yourself “Looking Up”.  L.A. mystery producers Giiants release their Tipsy Records follow up to the insanely catchy “Small Talk” with a lot of synth-driven melodic cheer and resilience.  The world needs more of and can’t get enough of positive pop songs right now and “Looking Up” is definitely worth cheering about.  The trio have a flair for picking great (and albeit deliberately uncredited) vocalists to bring the ocean waves crashing on to the beach.  I am more than curious where the Giiants’ next project will take us.  In the meantime, “Looking Up” is a delight in the delicious slices of life.