It’s back to the beach for fun with @itsPapaYamusic and “Explicit”

PAPA YA, “Explicit”

L.A. duo Papa Ya continue to create inviting pop flavours which I would like to call electroBeach, such as with their latest, “Explicit”.  It’s well done electronic pop, deliberately made sunny side up, with infectious rhythms carried by a nice bass track and genuine, feel-good vocals.  Invariably, the melody will scream out to you “Ignition” (the R. Kelly hit from 2003), while the mood is rooted in say Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” (as the lyrics reflect).  So yeah there’s a lot that is borrowed here but it’s all assembled in a nice package that’s guaranteed to make you dance and have a great time.  What more can you ask for?  Check it out at the link above.