Newcomer UK singer @Jazz__Mino will brighten up your day with “Warriors”

JAZZ MINO, “Warriors”

“Warriors” is the third single release from new UK singer Jazz Mino, who in short order has already racked up 3 million streams on You Tube.  It might just be that her sound is refreshing and positive enough to attract listeners who will stick to it like honey to a bee!  There are new kinds of warriors in the world, those who stand up for inclusiveness, equity and well-being, regardless of who you are, which the lively video captures well.  “Warriors” is out to ensure you have a great time and join Jazz Mino at what appears to be a promising start.  The video is colourful and all the dancing is refreshing – you don’t always need big name pros – and encouraging.  Jazz Mino herself has a fine voice and charm in front of the camera.  “Warriors” is definitely one to listen for – you can also check out a pleasing surprise below, Jazz Mino’s cover of Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey’s 1985 electropop nugget “Together In Electric Dreams”, a personal fave of mine as it is hers.