“I Know” by @iamJocelynAlice gets some dance floor crunch in a @PLSandTYbased remix

JOCELYN ALICE, “I Know” (PLS&TY remix)

After a flurry of recent fiery remixes, Florida’s PLS&TY returns with a bit of a different spin on “I Know” by Calgary singer Jocelyn Alice.  Jocelyn, who is releasing on Disruptor (home to The Chainsmokers), has already had some success in Canada both solo and in a duo, and is also a respected songwriter (believe it or not, Mother Mother’s “The Drugs” is a co-write).  “I Know” in its pop version is a next level single for Jocelyn that in a lot of ways echoes Alessia Cara.  In its remixed version, PLS&TY amps up the bass and synths for some crunch and thump to make those heads bob while you bounce and sway.  It works well, so if you don’t hear “I Know” on the radio first you may just hear it in a club.  Add it to your Nice ‘n Crunchy playlist on Spotify.