Party like it’s 2012: “Started” by @Afrojack @dj_DOD and @TimBerNL

DJ AFROJACK, D.O.D. and TIM-BER, “Started”

After accomplishing yet another well-received set at the Ultra Music Festival, Afrojack has gone right for the gusto – early 2010’s EDM style – releasing the instrumental “Started”.  Joined by Brit D.O.D. and fellow Dutchmen TIM-BER, “Started” is a brief but tight slice of EDM where the familiar arpeggios are all raring to go around the minute mark and then there’s positively no turning back.  “Started” is one of those party songs that doesn’t hesitate to be anything more than that – distorted computerized vocals included – and a grand time will be had by all!  Add it to your Party Starter playlist on Spotify.