Dark and Darker: @BobbyNourmand’s atmospheric “Subterranean” EP

BOBBY NOURMAND, Subterranean (EP)

In recent years, Bobby Nourmand’s unique and sometimes otherworldly sound has found detours into reworks of well-known songs, instrumentals, hip hop-house, and British flavoured R&B-house.  His new EP Subterranean, from his new imprint Deep In The Night (DITN), gives us deep house for the darkest of hours and minimal lighting to accentuate some very sexy vibes.  The title song is the the more accessible the two songs within, with breathy uncredited female vocals and a whispering male voice riding some deliberate and constant dark house rhythms.  “Estranged” is a creepy, relentless track, essentially an instrumental aside from some ominous, chanting deep male vocals – I don’t think I’d like to be in a dark club with only a handful of people if this song was playing, but it would sound great blasting out of huge speakers at a festival.  Once again, Bobby Nourmand proves himself to be an original contender, taking risks at every turn.  You can check out the extended and dub versions of “Subterranean” and the original longer cut of “Estranged” over at Beatport.

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