Facing up to it: “Every Feeling” by @WinandWoo and @IanGottofficial


WIN & WOO and IAN GOTT, “Every Feeling”

Chicago-based duo Win and Woo have lots of magic up their sleeves waiting to be unleashed if their latest songs are any indication.  Following up the quirky and whimsical “Chasing Tail” is “Every Feeling”, more on the serious side but definitely with a lot of bright messages.  Recruiting expressive L.A. vocalist Ian Gott to convey the story, “Every Feeling” is about finding the maturity to face all of the different feelings we can encounter, without bottling them up inside.  It’s a really positive song for the younger audience, and has a sufficient anthemic bounce to go over well early on in the evening at a club.  Win and Woo’s production has a lot of sparkle, with accent on some enjoyable percussive sounds.  Add “Every Feeling” to your Brighter Side of Things playlist using the Spotify link above.

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