Canadian singer/songwriter @JamesCollins1 gets his 80’s on with a twist with “Deeper Into You” from the upcoming film “You Don’t Know Dick”

JAMES COLLINS, “Deeper Into You”

Prolific Canadian singer/songwriter James Collins is back with a fun song with an intriguing backstory to it called “Deeper Into You”.  It’s loaded with pop potential, which might be expected from someone who has co-written with Melissa Manchester, created a much played and loved wedding song in “Frozen In Time”, and even sang a quirky tribute to another Canadian singer (Bill Amesbury) with “Do You Mind If We Talk About Bill”, a Top 40 radio hit across Canada.  

“Deeper Into You” initially came to life as a cult hit for porn star Johnny Hazzard (you can find it on You Tube) which spelled out loud and clear the word onanism (look it up, hehe).  James is also an actor with an imposing presence who plays a villain named Oswald in an upcoming film, “You Don’t Know Dick”.  And as you’ll see in the right hand pic of the You Tube link above, Oswald is very nicely dressed villain – usually a sign of some kind of… self-involvement. 

So that throws a different spin into James’ own sultry version of “Deeper Into You”.  It’s got 80’s Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys nailed in its arrangement and is tongue-in-cheek and slightly over the top in its well done vocal.  Hell, a dance mix could even take it further, given that it’s a co-write with well-established Canadian dance producers/ songwriters the Boomtang Boys.  In “You Don’t Know Dick”, Oswald apparently sings a verse or two from the song into a mirror at some point… can’t wait to see that scene, we may have a new wacky villain to root for! 

Add “Deeper Into You” to your Songs About Self-Love playlist using the Spotify link below.