“Let You Go” is full of Spring vibes courtesy of @bvdKULTmusic and @sound_OT

bvdKULT and OT, “Let You Go”

Enigmatic British producer bvdKULT is back with a bit of a change of pace in “Let You Go” for Tipsy and Epic Oslo.  It’s a spirited, upbeat, tropical-tinged track full of good Spring vibes, with highly complimentary vocals by Belgian singer Olivia Trappeniers, or simply OT to you.  And, along with OT, the mystery producer even reveals himself in the charming video below, which captures the essence of the song very well.  No rocket science here – everything about “Let You Go” is solid and where it ought to be in order grab your ears and not let go.  Remixes could help bring this one even more star power on the dance floor.  Add “Let You Go” to your Spring Fling playlist using the Spotify link above.