Canadian singer @officialCinde has catchy, radio-friendly single with bold “Hittin’ It”

CINDË, “Hittin’ It”

Cindë is a new voice in Canadian music who could easily turn heads with her new single “Hittin’ It”.  She’s got the same kind of tough sass and R&B grit as Pink while clearly having a full-bodied and powerful voice like a Jessie J or Jess Glynne.  “Hittin’ It” also benefits from a colourful arrangement, starting off slow and sultry, working in a harmonica, and then later on some sharp guitar riffs.  The song overall is a dynamic package that should be a surefire turn-on for radio stations but north and south of the border.  Cindë’s talents and charm will help “Hittin’ It” make great strides in short order.