The hypnotic rhythm of “Just A Taste” by @therealShiShi, @Baermusic and @WestheWriter will carry you away


There’s a lot going on to like in the latest single from NYC producer ShiShi called “Just A Taste”.  It has a harmonic way of moving from being drenched in synths, through brief percussive xylophonic breaks, and, to say the least, to lots and lots of flute (picture that belly dancing like in the song’s artwork)!  The song starts off like it’s taking us on a trip through the Caribbean and ends up embracing deep house rhythms.  Carrying it all through are the enticing vocal stylings of BAER and soulful hip hop from Wes Writer.  While it may not always work, there is too much inside of “Just A Taste” that’s present for your enjoyment!  Clubs will find lots of elements within “Just A Taste” for their clientele to embrace.