80’s-style Europop is revisited successfully by @AllanJay101 with “Almost In Heaven”

ALLAN JAY, “Almost In Heaven”

Scotland’s Allan Jay is a relative newcomer to the dance music scene, making himself known over the past few years through opening for acts like The Vengaboys and Blue in Europe and the UK.  He’s had a number of club successes including a cover of Paul Lekakis’ 80’s hit “Boom Boom Boom”.  So it’s no surprise that his latest original single for Energise, “Almost In Heaven”, is also a well-conceived throwback to 80’s Europop.  But both the lyrics and Allan’s vocal right from his first notes capture a lot of today’s sentiments about letting loose and having a blast on the dance floor with someone special, making it more of a stylistic tribute than an easy carbon copy.  It’s a pretty easy sell to international audiences, including fussy North American club goers, who should embrace it in the same way as songs by the likes of Cascada in recent years.  Add “Almost In Heaven” to your Whirling Europop playlist using the Spotify link above.