You’ll want to get to know @LostChilduk a bit more with revealing “Blacklist” (original and acoustic!)

LOSTCHILD, “Blacklist”

UK singer/songwriter Lostchild bravely got in front of the video camera and then had them let loose for the video of “Blacklist” (above).  Inspired by Madonna’s “Justify My Love” – you’ll recall Lostchild’s earlier take on her song “Skin” that I wrote about last year – basically the video is several hours in the life of a very exposed Lostchild (in more ways than one – so NSFW!) in his room.  It runs through a lot of underlying emotions, and of course is often very playful and naughty too.  All in all, it’s a video to show the very human side of our performer as he sings to a former lover who has shut him out.  If the video’s a bit too risque for you, then fortunately Lostchild has a tamer, acoustic video for the song as well.  As much as the original of “Blacklist” could be a fun song for dancing, the acoustic (below) is actually my preference as Lostchild showcases his expressive voice without layers of production to surround it.  The video is a bit more chipper too but still with enough rough edges to give off some genuine feels.  Both videos of “Blacklist” are terrific showcases for Lostchild, so your kind attention for what’s next is required in 2018!