Party to this: “Get It Started” is the new EP by Australia’s @DJAlexPreston

ALEX PRESTON, Get It Started (EP)

You’ll recall how impressed I was recently by Alex Preston’s retooling of Marvin Gaye’s classic rendition of “Heard It Through The Grapevine” into a contemporary house track.  It’s followed up by an EP of house originals, Get It Started, and the Australian producer/DJ is game for setting the tone to your party on the right note.  Take it to the clubs, and a couple of these songs would sound massive.  The EP gets better as it goes along – the title song is the weakest, but good for kicking things off; “That’s How I Feel” impresses with some fine guitar work; “Around” features a soulful vocal sample that seems awfully familiar, and will have club goers lip-syncing to its sassy chorus; but best of all is “Take It Easy”, an excellent feel-good song for a Friday night to get your weekend going full tilt, again with some fun sampled dialogue to give the song its theme, and some horns that make it memorable (not sure if I’m hearing a Pigbag sample or not in this one).  Alex is clearly very talented at what he does, definitely one to follow, recalling at times an Aussie veteran who I’ve written about and respect greatly named Late Nite Tuff Guy.  Check out the EP at the link above but it’s “Take It Easy” that comes highly recommended most out of all of the songs.