“Broken Love” by @TheHim and @ParsonJames is a danceable pop feast for the ears and heart

THE HIM and PARSON JAMES, “Broken Love”

I don’t say it very often, but “Broken Love” by Dutch producers The Him and featuring acclaimed American vocalist Parson James, is one of those genuine, well-made pop records that is going to resonate through the rest of 2018.  Following up the soulful “White Lies”, Steven and Jeroen always come up with something new with each release, with their high standards all intact (including a big, winning anthemic chorus), but here I must say that they’ve thrown the showcase to a brilliant vocal by Parson James that will make you melt.  Parson has already had success with the worldwide hit “Stole The Show”, which was performed with Kygo no less.  But that was in 2015 – seemingly so long ago now.  That gap in time (in which he still released his debut EP The Temple) however helps make “Broken Love” sound quite fresh and bring on all the necessary feels.  “Broken Love” is a killer one-of-a-kind blend of production, songwriting, and vocal talent, and I hope we will hear from The Him and Parson James together again soon.