“Love That About You” is beautiful, thoughtful ode to love from @McEwenofficial

McEWEN, “Love That About You”

Following his return earlier this year with original music with “Neon”, the former Adam Tyler is now McEwen with “Love That About You”.  The song is a seriously touching and thoughtful ode to love, being that he wrote it about his husband Erik for their wedding three years ago.  Their recent experiences as parents of twin girls are also well-documented and very entertaining as McHusbands on You Tube.  I’m so glad that “Love That” is released to share with everyone as you can feel the joy that it radiates from your speakers.  It’s also got slick enough production and a swirling rhythm to help you kill it on the dance floor with your special someone.  Although I enjoyed Adam’s darker and edgier dance music from earlier in the decade (well documented in these blog pages), “Love That About You” is as fresh as a reboot that anyone could want, and I’m hoping it’s a launching pad for similarly marvelous songs to come.  Adam and Erik also set the song to clips from their wedding, which you can enjoy below (and expect to finish very misty-eyed) 🙂