Meet Malaysian duo @Spudsmusic with charming but melancholy “You & Me” featuring SRH

SPUDS and SRH, “You & Me”

Spuds is the new production duo of Justin and Zen who hail from Malaysia.  Some of you may already know of them from their remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Paris” which got some attention last year.  Featuring vocalist SRH (as in Sarah, also from Malaysia), “You & Me” has a great melody that will keep you listening as the song switches it up with future bass rhythms, while the lyrics unfold a story about unrequited love.  The song starts off as somewhat of a duet but ultimately lands to SRH to carry it to the end with her beautiful tones.  “You & Me” is a pleasing surprise and a solid introduction to the craft that Spuds can bring to the electronic dance music world.  Add “You & Me” to your Sad & Rhythmic playlist using the Spotify link above.