B.C.’s @TristanTmusic is Diamond Café with an outstanding revival of #GeorgeMichael and Wham!’s “Nothing Looks The Same In The Light”

DIAMOND CAFE, “Nothing Looks The Same In The Light” (free DL)

It’s been a while since we heard from B.C. singer Tristan Thompson since his debut album as Diamond Café dropped last year with its varied take on contemporary soul.  Well brace yourselves folks because he’s returned with a remarkable choice of a cover tune in tribute to George Michael – Wham!’s “Nothing Looks The Same In The Light”, originally released on the 1983 album Fantastic.  Tristan makes this rendition extra poignant not so much because he sounds like George Michael all the time in the song, but because he has his style down pat, even in a more uptempo version than the original.  That this is not one of Wham!’s better known songs makes it sound fresh all over again in a new arrangement.  It’s also a free download, so better scoop it up while you can at the link above because in time it’s going to get noticed especially by George Michael fans.  Hats off to Tristan for bringing back this song in such fine form!