“You” makes it two consecutive winners for NYC producer @Elementthecity with @Khamarimusic

ELEMENT and KHAMARI, “You” (free DL)

Quickly following up the success of the melodic and free-flowing “Movements”, NYC producer Element (aka Chris Cruz) is back with “You”.  He moves away from dreamy, female-led electronica to a powerful, soulful, male-led release with vocals by Boston singer Khamari.  The production is equally slick but when you have a song simply called “You” the affect is that much more personal.  Khamari has a fantastic voice and Element plays with it a bit for emotional effect that completely works.  So with two delightful and ever-so-different songs in a row, Element shows how fluidly he can move from style to style within the genre, and I look forward to more new songs from him this year!  Like with “Movements” you can download “You” for free for now, so get it while you can at the link above.