Atlanta duo @BellsandRobes weave an intriguing tale set to electronic dance rhythms in “Jackal and the Moon”

BELLS AND ROBES, “Jackal and the Moon”

Atlanta production duo Bells And Robes are not your typical electronic dance music makers.  Drawing a lot of inspiration from zen and other philosophies, their latest effort “Jackal and the Moon” is almost fairytale-like in structure.  The premise – two new lovers dancing in a foreign land, not knowing that their relationship is never meant to be – is intriguing and put across beautifully by uncredited vocalist Kaisune in a passionate and committed performance.  Amid all of Bells And Robes’ electronic experimentation – sometimes house, sometimes future bass with dashes of trap, thriving from what sounds like it could have been a classical piece originally – the vocal holds the song together and retains your interest throughout.  “Jackal and the Moon” is going to be a tricky sell, but there are electronic dance music fans out there who enjoy music that’s a little more left field, and college radio may also be a good home for it.  Check it out at the link above.