“Rocket Girl” brings together the many talents of @Lemaitremusic and @BettyWho

LEMAITRE and BETTY WHO, “Rocket Girl”

It’s been out for a while, but don’t let “Rocket Girl” fall outside of your radar.  It’s a solid mix of dance, pop and rock flavours courtesy of the unexpected collaboration of Norwegian producers Lemaitre and NYC-based Australia-bred singer Betty Who, following up Lemaitre’s 2017 album Chapter One.  “Rocket Girl” is a dance anthem that is scored with rock guitars and heavy bass synths, a good companion to Pink’s latest releases if you ask me.  Anyone who has seen Lemaitre in performance knows that while their genre focus is electronic dance, that does not limit what elements they will bring into their songs.  There’s a lot of graceful keyboard work in “Rocket Girl” too, which creates a beautiful bridge with an outro of relentless drums and percussion, barnstorming right back to the chorus.  Betty Who’s vocal is engaging and proud to lead the way as our “Rocket Girl”, so check it out at the link above.