NYC’s @Jenauxmusic is back in fine funky form with his take on “Ain’t No Sunshine” featuring Andy Cooper of @Knitesofficial

JENAUX and ANDY COOPER, “Ain’t No Sunshine” (free DL)

It’s been so often covered, one wonders how a pop/R&B classic like Bill Withers’ 1971 smash “Ain’t No Sunshine” could be done as differently as NYC’s Jenaux had in mind for it!  After his fresh flights of funk in 2016, including recording with Tritonal and remixing for the diverse likes of The Chainsmokers, 3Lau, Gramatik and Saint Motel, all well documented in these blog pages 🙂 Jenaux is back and about to take charge of the funkier end of the dance music spectrum once again.  It’s somewhat ironic that he chooses British vocalist Andy Cooper of the band KNITES to sing the song, but he leaves a mark on the song that recalls the vocals of Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay, even if you didn’t know Andy was British.  It’s an edgy, passionate performance, as was Bill Withers’, but in a much different way.  Jenaux’s playful synth work really mixes it up in the background while some fine guitar work also shines through.  There’s a lot to enjoy in Jenaux’s interpretation of such a timeless song, and it prepares us – maybe a little bit – for what’s about to be unleashed from his repertoire, so be prepared!  Get it for free at the link above while you can.