“Complicated” by newcomer #Benjmn marries clever rhythms and vocal with passionate, real-life words

BENJMN, “Complicated”

While newcomer 22 year old R&B/hip hop/electronic artist Benjmn has his face out there in the artwork of his single “Complicated”, he keeps a discreet social media profile, lending a bit of mystery to this genre for the first time since say The Weeknd arrived.  While he’s done some remixing already for King Arthur and Loud Luxury, “Complicated” is going to attract attention from fans of Kanye West, Bryson Tiller, and in particular Kid Cudi, whose voice has a similar tone.  It puts his own troubles with anxiety right out there in simple, memorable terms:  Demons they come out at night / I’m losing control / The worst kinda ride / I hate how it goes.  Anyone can relate even though it paints a bleaker picture than your straight-forward everyday problem.  So not only does Benjmn have the voice and the lyrical power and passion, he has the ability to put a compelling rhythm and a variety of sounds underneath, and out of it all I can hear influences perhaps more from gritty 80’s R&B than anything else.  Remember the name though – Benjmn’s EP will be dropping soon.