“Compromised” by L.A. indie soul artist Tim Atlas @TimothyAtlas gets a sparkling remix by @Christofimusic

TIM ATLAS, “Compromised” (Christofi remix)

In its original form, “Compromised” by L.A. indie soul artist Tim Atlas is a gentle, free-flowing song about not knowing what to do about a particular crush on someone.  Also from L.A., producer Michael Christofi is pretty selective about what he releases and remixes, and his spin on “Complicated” is upbeat and sparkling.  It brings out the genuine wonder and joy of curiosity that will have no problem getting you to shuffle out onto the dance floor.  Tim’s vocal to me also tends to shine a bit more in this remix, whereas the original is focused more on melody and lyrics.  “Compromised” as remixed is quite an unexpected pleasure that will help the song find a wider audience.