“Dirty” packs an empowering punch from L.A. singer/songwriter/producer @EMMinreallife

EMM, “Dirty”

Wearing the hats of singer, songwriter, and producer, L.A.-based EMM is doing things her way and making it all shine along the way with punchy songs like “Dirty”.  EMM is also a fearless advocate for young women and men, and “Dirty” is about sharing and empowering that much-needed self-confidence to get by in life.  Stylistically she crosses lines between the likes of Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Lopez, while still creating some of that bold, fun rock star mystique as in the photo below.  Call her “Dirty” or not as the song says, EMM is here for a good time and has a terrific, convincing vision, aiming high for all to share.