New L.A. dance music producer @iamLyLoh takes command with potent “Riot!”

LyLOH, “Riot!”

He’s apparently been part of many platinum-selling releases and won a Grammy in 2017 (though not sure for what), and now L.A.-based producer LyLoh is about to take command of the dance music scene if potent tracks like “Riot!” are any indication.  This new mystery man is originally from France and was part of the metal scene, so his description on Facebook may be apt: Rock, EDM, metal and pop had a bastard son. It me (sic).  “Riot!” is one crunchy, memorable rock-flavoured dance bop picked up for release by Armada no less, a little harder edged than usual for clubs or radio, softened a bit by the use of a familiar-sounding pitched-up vocal.  But dance music needs to be spun off the rails sometimes and it looks like someone like LyLoh will have a lot of fun keeping our interest doing just that.