Nashville-based R&B singer @itsEstef channels 90’s flavours with “Come Around”

ESTEF, “Come Around”

With so many singers wanting to be their best Rihanna and Beyoncé and not strive beyond, it’s refreshing to hear more chill sounds coming from others that veer more in the direction of Kehlani or Jhane Aiko.  So make room for Nashville-based, L.A. born soul singer Estef with “Come Around”.  This is a song that also draws from the past with lots of quintessential 90’s/early ’00’s flavours that recall songs by Brandy or Aaliyah (“Rock The Boat” comes to immediately mind) at times.  “Come Around” should resonate with listeners who also enjoy lyrics that don’t shy away from being a little blunt at times, initially wrapped in the frustrations of come-and-go relationships but finally recognizing one that has potential by song’s end.