“Overboard” by California-based producer @JayB1rdmusic mixes candor with big rhythms and bright synths


JAY BIRD, “Overboard” (free DL)

“Overboard” is the latest single by California-based producer Jay Bird.  It’s the first recent single where Jay uses another vocalist, and the results are probably his most well-rounded record yet while still harvesting a distinct, bright synth sound that becomes part of his brand.  It’s interesting to hear a British (but unnamed) vocal on what in what is clearly a west coast vibe, but it connects an earnestness that compliments Jay’s important lessons-learned story.  “Overboard” is all about regrouping and moving on after deciding to throw life to chance and feel what it’s like not to be grounded.  While being an intangible force, life is full of both tangible and intangible elements that need to be satisfied, and which can’t always be achieved when casting oneself adrift.  Jay’s production, full of big rhythms and sparkling synths, drives home all of the positives, and “Overboard” comes across as not only a delightful dance/pop song but also one with a provocative story that unfolds in a friendly, often subtle way.   Get it for free for now at the Soundcloud link above.