“Saturn Return” is graceful, hypnotic soul from Australian R&B singer Wilsonn @hisnameisWilson

WILSONN, “Saturn Return”

Back in the Spring, I introduced you to Australian R&B singer Wilsonn, who I said at the time had the same kind of mystique that one would associate with Terence Trent D’Arby when he arrived on the scene 30 years ago.  Little did I know that I had tapped into what Wilsonn kindly said on his Facebook page as “possibly my favorite singer/artist in the whole world” – and even as a knowledgeable writer, I was floored.  So I’m more than pleased to write about his follow-up “Saturn Return”, a very different record from “Even If I Know”.  It’s a plea for a lover’s return, stylistically something we might associate with Prince or Miguel with a hybrid R&B/rock flavour and some nifty interjections of what sounds like violin or viola.  But although those TTD vocal tones come out in both head and chest voices at times too, Wilsonn definitely has his own direction in mind.  “Saturn Return” is top notch new school soul for your head and heart.