Set to lift your spirits, lend your ears to “Shooting Star” by @AnnaYvettemusic

ANNA YVETTE, “Shooting Star”

NYC-based singer/songwriter Anna Yvette has a winner with the uplifting dance/pop of “Shooting Star”.  It’s full of feel-good, beautiful imagery that aims for those times when you’re going crazy, not yourself, and don’t know what to do – just be your best and aim high.  Inherently everyone is beautiful and talented in their own ways, and Anna Yvette is one like-minded singer to whom you can align yourself.  She’s recorded and written with scores of other dance music artists like Aero Chord, Pegboard Nerds, and Laura Brehm, as well as up-and-comers like JPB and Egzod.  But often it’s her own records like “Shooting Star” that are the most memorable.  You can also hear some of Anna Yvette’s music in a variety of video games, and she’s white-listed “Shooting Star” on You Tube for that purpose (see the  comments in the above link).  There’s a lot that’s subtle and gentle about the song with its synth arrangement, and all of the positives within its 4 minutes contribute to “Shooting Star” breezing by effortlessly.