NYC alt.rocker @MickyJamesmusic shakes you down with “Tie Me Up” and “New Heart”

MICKY JAMES, “Tie Me Up” and “New Heart”

NYC singer/songwriter Micky James is definitely an attention grabber with ‘double A’ single “Tie Me Up” and “New Heart”.  He’s got a look that makes you think Oasis meets Mick Jagger, but his sound is contemporary sort of post-punk blast from the 80’s, if you think Joan Jett and Generation X-era Billy Idol.  “Tie Me Up” is a quick, edgy, tidy rocker that may draw its energy from the punk era, recalling Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe.  “New Heart”, on the other hand, is a bouncy synth-rocker that has a lot of roots in British new wave like Duran Duran as if sung by a Billie Joe Armstrong or Brandon Urie.  There’s a lot to enjoy about these original songs vocally, musically and melodically, which makes them stand well on their own, however you consider Micky’s possible influences, so be sure to give ’em a shot at the Spotify links above and below.